Is Juicing Safe for Diabetics?

Is juicing safe for diabetics? There is a myth wherein type II diabetic sufferers should lose excess fat and so they resort to fasting. While a juice fast is beneficial to the overall health of a diabetic, losing excess fat does not really lower or increase blood glucose levels. Eating refined, processed, and high-carb food in moderation is really a better way to normalize the excess sugars circulating in the bloodstream.Juicing and Glucose

A juice diet that lasts for days or a few times a week may be beneficial to a diabetic. Diabetes causes other health problems. Merely ingesting liquid decreases bodily function load, especially in gut. The body then will resort to repairing the damaged tissues and organs (this method is also called natural healing). Many people that are diabetic sufferers that engage in a juice fast for several days or a few times a week experienced increased energy and vitality. Some people also claim that it healed their cardiovascular problems. Though some diabetic sufferers (both type I and type II) experience hyperglycemia from too much sugar in the juice. To avoid this, a diabetic must carefully plan out their diet plan and assess what foods to eat.

Is juicing safe for diabetics¬†consuming meat? Protein-rich foods like chicken, beef and pork should be eaten in moderation by diabetes sufferers. Protein macromolecules are converted to glucose, when there are not enough carbs available. Too much sugar in juicing without food rich in protein won’t do one good, unless it is paired with a low carb food (to supply the needed carbohydrates). This balances the needed carb and protein by the body.

Is juicing safe for diabetics using fruits? Fruits contain too much concentrated sugar when juiced. But not all fruits are created equal. Apples, pears, and papayas are some fruits that you can include in your fruit juice. Diabetics should avoid processed and sweetened juices as these contain an unhealthy form of glucose.

Is juicing safe for diabetics using vegetables? Vegetables can also cause too much sugar concentration when juicing.  They are the recommended ingredients in a diabetic juice fast because of high-fiber content. But you should avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, and starchy beans.

Note that a strict and well planned diet regimen is one of the key factors in controlling blood glucose levels. There are online sources that will give you an idea whether a certain food (in one form or another) can affect spikes in glucose levels. Glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load in foods should be thoroughly monitored.